Elastomer Cables

High ambient temparature in a steel, Chemical, Cements / Sugar Plants of Aeronautics, Ships, Coal fields and refineries calls for cables which can withstand the several aging condition during operation and also to ensure current rating at constant ambient temparature. EPR / Butyle rubber insulation stands upto 85° C continuous temparature at operating condition and silicon conductor temparature upto 150° C. The Neoprene, Nitrile and CSP Sheathing are formulated with high abrasion resistance, oil and fire resistance properties. They are tough and flexible to cope with tropical condition of mining and rough floor surface. EPR insulation with chlorosulphonated sheathing can withstand high ambient conditions having long durable aging properties. For selection of right type of Elastomeric Cable, the characteristics are given below.

Type of Insulation
Conductor Temparature Degree C Max.
Normal Operating
Short Circuit
a) General Purpose Rubber
b) Heat Resistance Synthetic Rubber  
    i) Butyl Rubber
    ii) Ethylene and Propylene Rubber
c) Silicon Rubber