Making a modest start in 1975, Khandelwal group, was founded by Two brothers in a tiny rented premises in a holy place of lord Krishna in Vrindavan (U.P.) India.

With a sound technical base and experience in wires & Cables and Polymer Science, two brother started the manufacturing of Refrigerant Resistant cables on self modified version of Mahatma Gandhi's "Charkha". These cables were an import subsitute for hermatically sealed Compressors used in refrigeration industries. With such Technological innovation, Kirloskar Brothers, Shriram Refrigeration Inds and Kelvinator of India Ltd. were on the company's first customer list.

Between 1975 to 1981. group of young scientist introduced Laminate insulation known as MAFICON and DMD Sleeves meant to serve wide temperature range from -40 C to 130 C and highly vibration electromechanical fields such as dry motors.

In 1988, another sensation was introduced known as POLYWIN Submersible winding wire in the market for the first time in the world. Group received A Patent for this product and it was soon picked by almost all pump motor manufacturers in India. The product became so popular that its brand name became synonymous to the product class.

Since then, the group has made impressive growth in the field of electricals, introducing Fan Regulator wires, Rilshan Sheath(Import substitute), Uninyvin Cables, Power and control cables and other speciality cables for Defence applications.

And now in 2009 the company has diversified into a new field of PET SHEET manufacturing. As we are having a vast experience in the utilization of Polyester films for the cable insulations and other secondary operations, diversification to PET sheets will playa very big role in the growth of Khandelwal group. After successfully serving the Cable Industry and acquiring the modern technology and know-how, Khandelwal Cables (PET division) has a vision to serve and fulfill every need of the PET sheet industry.