PVC House Wire

These wires have greater current-carrying capacity and offer economy of wire-gauge. They have higher short-term and long-term temperature rating. They also come with UNILAY conductor which result in No sparking or overheating, save electricity and minimize conductive losses. They donot have loose contacts or broken ends. With Standard IS : 694/1994 the wiring works on 650/1100 Volts A.C. It is of type "A" with G.P. PVC Insulated(for 70°C) of IS : 5831/1984. Now also available in H.R.Insulation(Type 'C')(HR 85°C/105°C).

Typical Values of Different Compounds
Test Function Specification Typical Values of Ordinary PVC Compound Typical Values of Halogen FreeCompound Typical Values of FRLS Compound
Critical Oxygen Index To determine percentage of Oxygen required for supporting combustion of insulating material at room temperature ASTM-D-2863 23% More than 29% More than 29%
Temperature Index To determine at what temperature normal Oxygen content of 21% will support combustion of insulating material ASTM-D-2863 150°C More than 250°C More than 250°C
Smoke Density Rating
(Lignt Transmission)
To determine the visibility
(Lignt Transmission)
under fire of insulating material
ASTM-D-2843 10-15% More than 80% More than 40%
Acid Gas Generation To ascertain the amount of Hydrochloric Acid gas evolved from insulation of Cable under fire IEC-754-1 45-50% Less than 0.5% Less than 20%
Comparative Properties of different Compunds
Feature Normal PVC Wire Heat Resistant HR PVC Fire Retardant FR PVC Flame Retardant Low Smoe FRLS Zero Halogen Flame Retardant ZHFR
Insulation Material PVC PVC Spl. PVC Spl. PVC Spl. Polymer
Insulation Property Normal Good Good Good Very Good
Temperature Rating 70°C 85°C 70°C 70°C 85°C
Thermal Stability Normal Very Good Good Good Very Good
Flame Retardancy Good Good Very Good Very Good Excellent
Safety During Burning Average Average Good Good Excellent
Requirement of Oxygen to catch Fire (% in Air) >21 >21 >30 >30 >35
Temperature required to catch Fire Room Temp. Room Temp. >250°C >250°C >300°°C
Visibility during Cable Burning(%) <20 <20 <35 >40 >80
Release of Halogen Gas during Burning(%) <20 <20 <20 <20 Zero
Abrasion Resistance during Installation Good Good Good Good Good