Triple Polymer Insulated Flame Retardent House Wire

Polywin Building Wire is unique in insulation. The properties of this wire is remarkable & not comparable. This is introduced FIRST TIME IN UNIVERSE ( Patent Pending) for this important application. This is available in Single & Multistrand Construction. The details of well proven Electrical Engineering Raw Materials used are as follows :

1. Copper : Electrolytic grade Continuous Cast Copper wire Rod of 99.97% purity & high conductivity 101.54% (IACS) as per ASTM B-49-1998 produced from Copper cathodes as per BSEN 1978:1998 / ASTM B- 115-95 is used in conductor. Highest purity copper available in world.
2. Polyester ( BOPET) Film ( Primary Insulation) : A well known outstanding insulating material used by electrical machine manufacturers for 130oC applications. This is having a melting point of 265oC. Most suitably withstand heat during short circuiting. PVC insulation melt down at 100oC - 130oC. Having very high Insulation, Electrical, Thermal, Mechanical, Chemical properties.
3. BOPP Films ( Secondary Insulation): A well known outstanding insulating material used by electrical machine manufacturers for 120oC applications. This is having a melting point 165 0C. Having very high Insulation, Thermal, Mechanical, Water Absorption properties.
4. FR PVC (Jacket) : This Flame Retardant / Fire Resistant PVC to protect the wire from fire hazards. It creates very low smoke and self extinguishing in nature.

TECHNOLOGY : The basic technology of insulating this wire is PATENTED by Indian Patent No.187403 of dt.24-5-1993. This wire has outstanding properties such as :

High Tear Resistant. Higher Cut through & abrasion Resistant
Higher Insulation Resistance Higher Working temperature
High Tensile strength Higher Flex life
High Dielectric Strength Miniaturised & Consistent Insulation
Sizes : We produce these wires in very wide range for accurate selection as per current taken by connected appliances.
Thus you will save cost of Wire and capable to use best wires even with savings. Solid / Single Strand Copper Conductor :
mm mm mm mm
0.6 0.283 1.0 0.790 1.4 1.539 1.8 2.545
0.7 0.396 1.1 0.990 1.5 1.770 1.9 2.835
0.8 0.500 1.2 1.117 1.6 2.010 2.0 3.243
0.9 0.640 1.3 1.368 1.7 2.270 2.1 3.530
Multi Strand Copper Conductor : Detail Detail Detail Detail
0.25 5X0.25 1.25 25X0.25 3.00 42X0.3 6.00 85X0.3
0.50 10X0.25 1.50 30X0.25 3.50 49X0.3 8.00 112X0.3
0.75 15X0.25 2.00 28X0.3 4.00 56X0.3 10.00 140X0.3
1.00 20X0.25 2.50 35X0.3 5.00 70X0.3 12.00 168X0.3